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Great Sex: Mapping Sexual Desire with Amelie Zurn

In Episode 3 of the Sex Series, Dr. Megan Speciale interviews sex educator and licensed clinical social worker Amelie Zurn-Galinsky on the use of desire mapping as a reflective process of sexual self-discovery for counselors, clients, and everyone in between. In the...

Discovering Your Conscious Sexual Self with Melissa Fritchle

In Episode 2 of Sex Series, Dr. Megan Speciale interviews sex therapist and educator, Melissa Fritchle, on the her new book, The Conscious Sexual Self Workbook. In the interview, we learn the importance of understanding our sexual stories in the pursuit of both...

Dear Listeners: Thank You! from the Team

Dear Listeners, Just wanted to send a quick note of thanks to all of those out there who have been listening. The podcast has grown quite a bit since it's inception last year with over 11,000 listens worldwide and continues to grow weekly. If you have any ideas for...

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