"Counseling is a complex riddle where the mind's lines are joined with scrambling and precision to make sense out of nonsense...a tedious process like piecing fragments of a puzzle together, until a picture is formed"

A Podcast Dedicated to the Counseling Profession

The Thoughtful Counselor is a podcast dedicated to producing great conversations around current topics in the counseling profession. Counseling is a deeply beautiful and complex process, and therefore we strive to incorporate both the art and science of the field in each episode. In addition, although the focus of The Thoughtful Counselor is on the counseling profession, we view counseling as inter-professional and thus include interviews with professionals from many helping professions including marriage and family therapy, social work, clinical psychology, and psychiatry. We currently have listeners from all over the world including the US, China, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Southeast Asia, the UK, and Europe.

The goal of The Thoughtful Counselor is to provide a resource to assist the growth and formation of counselors worldwide. Consequently, the podcast is currently open-source and we encourage you to use it in anyway you see fit (see licensing below). We would love to hear from you about how you incorporate The Thoughtful Counselor into your work, practice, or teaching.  Therefore, any suggestions you may have for future content or ideas to help improve The Thoughtful Counselor are much appreciate.  Contact us here.

Finally, The Thoughtful Counselor simply wouldn’t exist without the mentoring, encouragement, and feedback of Drs. Megan Speciale and Margaret Lamar.