About this Episode:

In this episode, Jessica Tyler virtually sits downs with Dr. Margie Taylor: Visiting Assistant Professor, LPC-S (AL), NCC and former court-appointed child representative. We discuss the role counselors can play in the courtroom, surprising components of Dr. Taylor’s work and the topic of court testimony as a clinician, how court testimony could impact the clinical relationship with a client, strategies on balancing counselor professionalism with -care, and general recommendations for counselors in the courtroom.

About Margie:

Dr. Margie Taylor, Ph.D., LPC-S, NCC is the clinical coordinator and visiting assistant professor in Counselor at Auburn University. Her interests include mitigating vicarious in practicing counselors, preventing PTSD in first responders, and preparing counselors for court testimony.

The APA Citation for this Episode:

Tyler, J. (Producer). (2021, March 17). EP200: Counselors in the Courtroom—Surviving and Thriving in Court Testimony [Audio Podcast]. The Thoughtful Counselor. Retrieved from https://wp.me/p7R6fn-XrN.

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