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Dèsa speaks with Dr. Alexia DeLeon on the importance of Sentipensante Pedagogy and its connection to service learning for practitioners and scholars.

About Alexia:

Alexia DeLeon, Ph.D. is a full-time faculty member at Lewis & Clark College, as well as the Director of Latino Problem Gambling Services in Portland, OR. She has been involved in providing treatment for those struggling with for many years and currently co-directs and teaches within the Professional Counseling-Addictions Specialization Masters’s program. Her interests include the intersection of communities of color and addictions counseling, and diversity-related and pedagogy, and mindfulness-based sobriety. Her clinical work includes working with those impacted by gambling and providing culturally specific clinical supervision for Lewis & Clark’s Latino Problem Gambling Services.

You can email Alexia at alexiadeleon@lclark.edu

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Daniel, D. (Producer). (2021, February 2). EP197: Sentipensante Pedagogy – Sensing and Thinking with Alexia DeLeon [Audio Podcast]. The Thoughtful Counselor. Retrieved from https://wp.me/p7R6fn-Xp9.

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