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Dr. Lauren Shure, current president of Counselors for Social Justice, moderates a panel of counselor educators and community leaders including Dr. Ebony White, Mr. Darren Green. Dr. Darius Green, and Dr. Michael Hannon, on the counseling profession’s historic complicity with systemic racism, challenges and barriers counselors face when confronting white supremacy in our own lives and the helping professions at large, and how we can draw on our training as counselors to dismantling white supremacy and systemic racism in our lives, our profession, and the world around us.

About the Panel:

Dr. Ebony White is a Licensed Professional Counselor in New Jersey, a National Certified Counselor, and an Approved Clinical Supervisor. She is an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Counseling and Family Therapy and the Program Director of the Master in Addiction’s Counseling program at Drexel University. As the Executive Director of the Center for Mastering and Refining Children’s Unique Skills (MARCUS), a non-profit organization, she focuses on expanding developmental pathways for at-promise adolescents in Trenton, NJ through counseling, mentoring, and tutoring. She also provides multicultural and mental health training for law enforcement, religious leaders, educators and community members.

Her opinion is often sought out around topics of mental health, trauma, and racism and has been featured in numerous outlets including Newsweek, Medium, the Philadelphia Inquirer, PopSugar, and the New York Times, to name a few. Dr. White has been published in peer-reviewed articles and appears in the newly released video from Alexander Street Press titled, Helping Counselors and Psychologists as Advocates and Activists: Strength, Solidarity, Strategy and Sustainability.  She strongly identifies as an advocate, counselor, and educator. She recognizes the village that raised her and lives by Ubuntu, “I am because we are, and because we are, I am.”

Mr. Darren Green, Trenton, NJ mayoral candidate, aka Darren “Freedom” Green is known as a “life saver” and a “wind of newness” for his ability to bring people together for the purpose of an overall transformation. Freedom, as he is widely known, lives and trains individuals with the mindset that an educated and freed mind is a step in the direction called “true freedom.” Darren is a Community Advocate and Professional Speaker who has dedicated his life to empowering and strengthening people and communities. Education, Public Safety, Life Skills/Critical Thinking, Children, Financial Literacy, Civic Participation/Community Building, Culture, and Home Ownership are his primary areas of focus. His straightforward style, hands-on approach, and life experiences have earned him not only the positions of Trenton town council President and West Ward Committeeman, but also a highly respected mentor and member of his community. Darren has been sought out by various city directors for his ability to think strategically, and for accessibility to enter those communities that do not pose as “welcoming.” Darren has received countless awards.

Darren is not afraid to take risks and possesses a keen, sharp sense of recognizing and responding to the call for the empowerment and education of the under privileged and underrepresented populations. He has served as a Parent Liaison as well as a Trenton organizer for the Citizens Campaign.

He is a graduate of Notre Dame High School and also attended Virginia State University. Darren formerly served as a Shift Commander at the Mercer County Juvenile Detention Center and as an Administrator at a Private Charter School. He is currently a Facilitator for B.O.Y.D. (Building Our Youths Development; which was recognized by Mrs. Marian Edelman of the Children’s Defense Fund in Washington DC, and a partner –Vice President of the nonprofit- My Eternal Family. He hosted an online TV show called “Freedom” for Trentonian TV, is the Co-Host of “On the Reel” radio, and a consultant for ‘From the Block to the Boardroom’, LLC – a program where he educates prisoners and teaches entrepreneurial skills.

Dr. Darius Green is a recent graduate of James Madison University’s Counseling & Supervision doctoral program. He is a National Certified Counselor (NCC) and currently works in a both a non-counseling position in higher ed and as a counseling resident in Virginia. His professional interests include race-based trauma, trauma-informed counseling, and social justice.

Dr. Michael Hannon is an Associate Professor of Counseling at Montclair State University. His experiences as a counseling professional stretches 20 years and includes current work as a clinical mental health counselor and past experience as a school counselor and student affairs professional. Dr. Hannon’s research primarily focuses on Black men’s wellness, with a focus on the value they derive from their roles as fathers, community leaders, clients, and counselor educators. His dissertation was the first study about the lived experiences of Black fathers of individuals with autism. His secondary research interests are about the professional development needs school counselors serving racially and ethnically diverse students and families.

To date, Dr. Hannon has authored 24 publications (17 refereed) and has made over 80 presentations (50 refereed) at professional counseling and allied health conferences. His research has been featured in several counseling and educational journals. He has been a featured contributor to media outlets and organizations such as Autism Speaks, Thrive Global, Fusion, and Huffington Post. His forthcoming book, Black Fathering and Mental Health: Black Fathers Discuss the Needs of Men and Fathers Across the Family Life Cycle, will be published by Peter Lang in early 2021.

About the Moderator:

Lauren Shure is an Associate Professor of Counseling at Barry University, as well as the Master’s in Counseling Program Director. She is also currently serving as the immediate Past-President of the Counselors for Social Justice (CSJ). Dr. Shure holds a B.S. in psychology, M.Ed. and Ed.S.in marriage and family counseling, and Ph.D. in counselor education with a specialization in clinical mental health counseling from the University of Florida. Before joining the Barry Counseling Program, she planned and coordinated research and evaluation on the PBIS Indiana Project, a statewide network of culturally responsive positive behavior intervention and support programs (CR-PBIS) in K-12 schools. She is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Florida with extensive experience in crisis intervention and the treatment of trauma. Her professional interests include multicultural training and supervision, issues of educational equity and anti-bias education, resilience in LGBTQ youth and family adjustment following a youth’s disclosure of a diverse affectual or gender identity.

Definition of Terms:

The following definitions were complied by Dr. Lauren Shure

White Supremacy: the belief or delusion, really, that white people are superior to those of all other races, especially the black race, and should therefore dominate society. It is historically based in both colonization, the action or process of settling among and establishing control over the indigenous people of an area, and colonialization (e.g., Manifest Destiny, the 19th-century doctrine or belief that the expansion of the US throughout the American continents was both justified and inevitable), as well as scientific racism, of which psychology participated in (for more on this please see the book Even the Rat Was White, which details the history of psychology in the United States, much of which was steeped in racism, from biased IQ studies designed to prove white intellectual superiority to studies correlating brain circumference and intelligence, which have been debunked).

Institutional Racism is defined by Solid Ground, a social justice and educational organization, as, “the systematic distribution of resources, power and opportunity in our society to the benefit of people who are white and the exclusion of people of color.” Institutional racism can be seen in statistics of leadership and representation, like the fact that in 2015 The NBA was composed of 74.4%black players, but had only one African-American president, the Los Angeles Clippers’ Doc Rivers, two African-American GMs, the New Orleans Pelicans’ Dell Demps and the New York Knicks’ Steve Mills, and one native African GM in the Toronto Raptors’ Masai Ujiri, who is Nigerian; you can see it in policies, practices and outcomes in housing (e.g., redlining, which included a denial of mortgages to mostly people of color in urban areas, preventing them from buying a home in certain neighborhoods or getting a loan to renovate their house.), jobs (e.g., implicit bias- like studies that show the same resumes with the only difference being a white sounding name, like Greg, versus a black sounding names, like Jamal, resulted in drastically different call-back rates), health disparities (e.g., disparities in access and quality of care which results in disparities in infant and maternal mortality rates and chronic disease, etc.), education resources and outcomes (e.g., disproportionality in exclusionary discipline), criminal justice (e.g., differential selection and processing), and wealth and economic development. For more information visit www.racialequitytools.org

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Shure, L., White, E., Green, D., Green, D., Hannon, M. (Producers). (2020, August 18). EP182: What Now? Counselors’ Roles in Disrupting Racism & White Supremacy – A Panel Discussion [Audio Podcast]. The Thoughtful Counselor. Retrieved from https://wp.me/p7R6fn-XkP.

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