In our first episode in the Sex Series, Dr. Megan talks to sex and relationship expert Maryasha Katz, LCSW on how to use , movement, and touch in working with clients experiencing intimacy troubles, including low or no sexual desire, sex drive asymmetry, and sex woes. Even our 2 left-footed listeners will learn how to incorporate dance into individual and sessions, drawing from the concepts of nonverbal communication, active consent, playfulness, and sensuality. After the episode, stick around for a chance to “Ask a Sexpert,” with this week’s question focusing on how to make time for sex with your partner, despite chaotic schedules. Definitely don’t want to miss that.
Maryasha Katz is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Dancer, and Life Coach. She is a member of the Adjunct Faculty in the Holistic Studies and Psychology Departments at JFK University and Palo Alto University.  She can be reached using the following links:
Speciale, M. (Producer). (2017, April 13). Bridges to Intimacy through Dance and Movement with Maryasha Katz [Audio Podcast]. The Thoughtful Counselor. Retrieved from


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