A Podcast Dedicated to the Art and Science of the Counseling Profession

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A Podcast Dedicated to the Art and Science of the Counseling Profession

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The Leaders Project


The counseling profession is composed of people from all walks of life.  We come from diverse backgrounds, are situated in particular communities, and bring into our professional identity the variety of stories that have shaped our lives.

The Leaders Project attempts to honor the diverse and complex nature of the counseling profession by posing 5 key questions to leaders from across the spectrums and intersections of gender, race, class, religion & spirituality, sexual orientation & identity, and political philosophy.

Our hope is to showcase these diverse voices and inspire our patron counselors to embrace the fullness of their profession.

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Eric Beeson: Leaders Need a Grounded Vision for the Future

Opportunities came in various ways. Some opportunities were likely not the result of my own merits but chance and privilege. Other opportunities came as a result of networking, relationship building, and saying “yes” when opportunities presented themselves. You might say that seizing an opportunity begets more opportunities, and eventually, you have to say “no” or at least “not now” to keep balance.

That’s where intentionality and motives become apparent. For instance, it has been helpful for me to intentionally plan, set goals, and then prioritize commitments that align with those goals….


Dr. Anna Flores Locke – Counselors for Social Justice

As a child of Puerto Rican parents, I remember hearing stories of racism and experiencing sexism growing up.  These early experiences coupled with my Catholic education that emphasized serving others fueled my passion for social justice.  During my college years and into my graduate education, this passion continued to thrive.  I have this passion because I believe in the human right to live free of any type of harm, including those perpetrated by oppressive systems and ways of thinking.  I have an eternal flame that fires up when I witness injustice and I must heed its call to take action…

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Jared Rose: Reflections on Servant Leadership

Counselors are out there consistently trying to help others do better; to be better. As a whole, that then promotes the betterment of the human condition. When you stop and think about it, that is truly awe-inspiring…

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Fred Gingrich – Affirming and Promoting National Voices & Empowering Colleagues and Students

Fred Gingrich, D.Min., AAMFT Approved Supervisor, has been Professor of Counseling at Denver Seminary since 2005. From 2007-2015 he was chair of the counseling division, a division with a CACREP accredited MA and an ACPE accredited Clinical Pastoral Education program…

Dr. Katherine M. Hermann-Turner: A Voice for Change

Dr. Katherine M. Hermann-Turner is an Assistant Professor in Counselor Education at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. She received her doctoral degree in counselor education and supervision with a specialization in couples and family…

The Thoughtful Counselor lives up to its name. Mike has created a podcast that covers a wide variety of important and cutting edge topics in counseling. His questions to experts in the field are thoughtful and thorough. The resulting dialogue is interesting and informative. This site is worth visiting frequently.

Samuel Gladding

Professor of Counseling , Wake Forest University

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