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Priscilla speaks with Reggie Parker on his journey from a career in law enforcement and negotiation to becoming a counselor.  They discuss the relationship between law enforcement and mental health, active listening on the streets, decelerating through empathy. 

About Reggie:

Reggie ParkerMr. Reggie Parker is a native of Birmingham, Alabama. Besides his job as a police officer with the Hoover (AL) Police Department, Mr. Parker is a counseling consultant with Garrett Counseling, a trainer (Catharsis, LLC), and the owner of Parker Counseling and Consulting, LLC. Mr. Parker received his Bachelor’s degrees in Political Science and Sociology, and his Master’s of Science in Counselor degree from Jacksonville State University (AL). He is a certified negotiator, a hostage negotiator, and a trainer. Mr. Parker states his personal objective as to, “Educate first responders to deal with aggression and violent behavior through effective strategies.”

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Wilson, P. (Producer). (2019, August 12). EP138: From Negotiating to Counseling – Walking the line with Reggie Parker [Audio Podcast]. The Thoughtful Counselor. Retrieved from http://thethoughtfulcounselor.com/?p=227347.

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