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A conversation with Dr. Leslie Korn about the impact of nutrition on mental health.  In this interview, Dr. Korn highlights good and bad foods for the brain, debunks commonly held nutritional beliefs, and provides practical suggestions for clinicians and clients alike.

About Leslie:

Leslie Korn profileLeslie Korn, PhD, MPH, LMHC, ACS is a Harvard Medical School-trained traumatologist specializing in the integrative treatment of individuals with PTSD and Complex Trauma. She integrates psychotherapy, cranial sacral therapy, nutritional therapies and herbal medicine to support individuals with physical and emotional sequelae arising from traumatic events. She is the director of at the Center for World Indigenous Studies, a native non-profit organization and a core faculty and clinical supervisor in Counseling at Capella University. She is the author of 7 books including Rhythms of Recovery: Nature and the Body, and The Good Mood Kitchen. She has lived and worked in rural and urban Mexico for over 30 years, and provides CE retreats and online training in Integrative Medicine for Mental Health.

You can email Leslie at drleslie@protonmail.com.

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Shook, M. (Producer). (2018, March 28). Mood Follows Food: An Introduction to the Relationship between Nutrition and the Embodied Brain with Leslie Korn [Audio Podcast]. The Thoughtful Counselor. Retrieved from https://wp.me/p7R6fn-nt.

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