In this episode of the Sex Series, we talk to Dr. Karen Rayne about her work developing sex-positive sex curricula for kids and teens. We discuss how early childhood education can support healthy, affirming, and safe sexual development. Dr. Rayne provides strategies for counselors, parents, and teachers talking about sex with children, including what to say, when to say it, and how to feel comfortable saying it.

Dr. Karen Rayne is the Executive Director of Unhushed, an organization with international curricular reach that is dedicated to creating and implementing the highest quality sexuality possible. Dr. Rayne has been working in education for the past two decades with an expertise in parenting, comprehensive sexuality education, curriculum writing, and training. She is the author of the book book GIRL: Love, Sex, Romance, and You and of the widely praised Breaking the Hush Factor: Ten rules for talking with teenagers about sex, which has been called a “go-to guide for parents” by one of the nation’s leading experts in the field. Dr. Rayne has worked with the United Nations Population Fund, The Center fro Sex Education, Girls Inc, and other organizations to bring them best practices approaches to education. She is frequently sought out to share her expertise leading parent groups, consulting with schools, blogging articles, conducting radio interviews, and speaking at schools, and a variety of other venues.

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Author: GIRL: Love, Sex, Romance, and Being YouHelp Your Kids with Adolescence, and Breaking the Hush Factor: Ten rules for talking with teens about sex

Executive Director, Unhushed

Educator and Training Specialist, Center for Sex Education

Performance Educator, Have You Seen S.E.X.?

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 Speciale, M. (Producer). (2017, September 22). Unhushed with Dr. Karen Rayne: Talking to Kids and Teens about Sex [Audio Podcast]. The Thoughtful Counselor. Retrieved from

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