In this “recast” we revisit an earlier episode with Dr. Tom Hofmann about navigating approaches to counseling in an environment dominated by symptoms and diagnosis.

Tom’s Bio:

In 2003, Dr. Thomas Hofmann joined the faculty at Hodges University, teaching in the areas of psychology and clinical mental health. As a full-time psychotherapist, he spent 15 years working in various settings, including inpatient and outpatient drug and alcohol, and mental health. He also spent five years as an outpatient supervisor at a clinic while teaching at Mount Mary College.

His areas of expertise include psychotherapy, family therapy, student projects, literature review and professional presentations. In an effort to practice his therapy skills, he works one day each week at a local employee assistance program as a Florida licensed social worker and licensed marriage and family therapist. In addition, he is an approved supervisor for mental health, social work and family therapy interns in Florida.

Due to his tremendous work and experience in the psychology and field, Hofmann received the Hodges University Professor of the Year award in 2007, and in his free time, he enjoys fishing, hiking and investing.

You can email Tom at or call his office at (239) 938-7798

The APA citation for this episode:

Shook, M. (Producer). (2017, May 3). Recast – Counseling in a World: A Conversation with Thomas Hofmann [Audio Podcast]. The Thoughtful Counselor. Retrieved from

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