A conversation with Dr. Carl Sheperis – Program Dean of the College of Social Sciences at University of Phoenix, Vice-Chair of the National Board of Certified Counselors, and past president of the Association for Assessment and in Counseling – on counselor professional identity, why counseling is a profession and not a field, the 20/20 vision for the future of counseling, and counselor in an international context.

Carl’s website: https://sites.google.com/site/carljsheperisphd/

You can email Carl @ csheperis@gmail.com

The American Counselor Association’s page for the 20/20 vision: https://www.counseling.org/knowledge-center/20-20-a-vision-for-the-future-of-counseling



The APA citation for this episode:

Shook, M. (Producer). (2017, February 8). What Makes a Counselor a Counselor? and Other Musings with Carl Sheperis [Audio Podcast]. The Thoughtful Counselor. Retrieved from http://wp.me/p7R6fn-8u

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