The first of two conversations with Dr. Julia Whisenhunt – assistant professor of counselor and college student affairs at West Georgia University – on prevention, risk, and assessment. This episode covers statistics about suicide, risk factors, warning signs, and protective factors. Below are links to the different resources mentioned in the podcast.

You can email Julia at

Julia’s faculty page at UWG

Warning Signs

Youth Warning Signs

National Prevention Lifeline

Prevention Resource Center (SPRC)

American Association of Suicidology

International Association for Prevention (IASP)

Is Preventable: CA website

Jed Foundation

Half of Us

You Matter (for young adults)

For the APA citation for this episode go to



The APA citation for this episode:

Shook, M. (Producer). (2017, January 4).  Prevention, Risk, and Assessment – Part 1: Risk Factors, Warning Signs, and Protective Factors with Julia Whisenhunt [Audio Podcast]. The Thoughtful Counselor. Retrieved from

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