A conversation with Dr. Susan Branco, a licensed professional counselor and researcher, about counseling transracial adoptees, race in adoption, and biculturation.

Check our Susan’s website: http://adoptiontherapist.org/

Here are a few articles of Susan’s in Counseling Today:

Counseling transracial adult adopted persons

Adopting across racial lines

In this episode I am joined by Kelsi Macklin, a good friend and transracial adoptee. You can hear more about her story here: http://www.relevantmagazine.com/life/better-way-talk-about-adoption

Or email her at macklin.kelsi@gmail.com

The APA citation for this episode:

Shook, M. (Producer). (2016, December 28).Counseling Transracial Adoptees: Intersections of race, adoption, and Identity with Susan Branco and Kelsi Macklin [Audio Podcast]. The Thoughtful Counselor. Retrieved from http://thethoughtfulcounselor.com/2016/12/counseling-transracial-adoptees-intersections-of-race-adoption-and-identity-with-susan-branco-and-kelsi-macklin/

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